The best way to track the progress of your ticket(s) is to login to teamwork, where all your tickets will be displayed.

Each time you submit a ticket via a member of our Support Team will be notified. They will review your request and try to solve the issue for you.

If the task is more than just a quick fix, the Support Team will create a task for an allocated member of the team to complete. For example, if your ticket requires support from one of our developers, a task would be created by the Support Team for the developer to complete.

You will notice your ticket(s) has been assigned a specific status by a member of our Support Team.

Here are the different statuses and what they mean:

  • In Burndown: The team are aware of your request. Note: we dedicate Mondays to tackling the tasks created via the tickets. These tickets are arranged by a first come first serve basis or by their priority. If we deem your ticket to be significantly important (potentially harmful to your business) we will tackle it ASAP, otherwise it will likely be looked at by Monday.  
  • Request for more information: The team require more information to help solve your problem or tackle your request. A member of the Support Team will email you to ask for more information.

  • With client for review: A member of the Support Team will email you to say the ticket has been completed. If you are happy that your request has been met, then let the team know. and we will mark the ticket as solved. If you feel your ticket has not been completed, let the Support Team know and they will investigate the matter further.