Disable a Page

An admin can disable a page and make it no longer live by going to the page settings and deselecting "Is page enabled?" 

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And clicking Save and Continue. 

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By doing this the page will immediately be removed from the live and staging version of the web page. If a user attempts to visit the URL they will receive a 404 page instead. 

Tip: If the page is deleted or disabled for an extended period we would recommend putting a URL Rewrites in place to redirect traffic. 

Delete a Page

To delete a page, navigate to the web pages section and within the main list of pages there will be a small track icon next to each page. 

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When you click this you will receive a confirmation message and when confirmed the page will be deleted. Similar to disabling a page, the page will no longer be accessible via live or staging and the old URL link will produce a 404 page. 

Tip: If you have accidentally deleted a page you can log a support ticket for a developer to restore the page.