There are a few reasons why your job may not be displaying on the front end of the website - check these reasons out below to ensure it is none of these.

1. Cache delay in posting
There is a 15 minute delay from jobs being added to Revolve to being shown on the front end of the website so if you've just added or edited a job, give it 15 minutes to clear through to the front end of the website, hard refresh the page and check again.

2. Job has expired
In Revolve each job has a set post date and an expiry date. Jobs will only display on the website if the current date is in between these two dates set for each job. The most common issue we see is that jobs have expired and aren't displaying on the website anymore. Search for the job in the Jobs section in Revolve and check that the expiry date isn't in the past - if it is you can edit this or remove entirely if you never want the job to disappear from the website.

3. Job has been deleted or does not exist
If the job is not showing on the website and is also not present under Jobs in Revolve, then the likelihood is that the job has been deleted and no longer exists or has not been sent through from the job posting tool if you have an integration set up.