We dedicate Mondays to tackling the tasks in Burndown.

Any requests or issues sent to us throughout the week get added to the Burndown schedule. These requests or issues sent to our ticket system or work email are then made into tasks.

Within this schedule, each developer, designer, and SEO expert has a column. Each Friday tasks get assigned to the relevant team members column.

The team tackles as many tasks as they can on Monday's Burndown. Any uncompleted tasks will roll over to the following week of Burndown.

Tasks get arranged on a first come first serve basis or by their priority.

If your request will take more than half a day in the studio, we will arrange a separate time for the team to look at it. This way we can ensure as many tasks get looked at during Burndown.

If we deem your issue to be harmful to your business, we will tackle it as promptly as we can before Burndown. Otherwise, it will get added to Burndown.

We review and test each task before sending it back to you. If you feel your issue or request requires more work, let us know and the team will investigate further.

We will provide a round-up of the progress of your task(s) on Mondays or on the following Tuesday.