Apteve is a CMS (Content Management System) built by Venn and designed to help you manage your site with no coding required. 

When your site was designed by Venn it was built into a number of different modules to create the pages. These modules are the building blocks of your sites and can be added, removed or reordered on existing or new pages to suit your requirements. 

Editing content within Apteve does not immediately update your site, to make these live you will need to publish the particular change the page is on or the whole site.  Apteve has an inbuilt page viewer which easily allows you to view which module you are editing. 

The editing preview is a good estimation of what you content looks like but can look different to how the page would look in a real browser. To test what your page looks like before publishing live you can also publish to staging in the same way as either a single page or the whole site if you have made multiple changes.