Below is a list of the main areas of Apteve which are always shown to the left of the screen. Once within one of these areas you may see secondary menus appear with additional options. 

Web Pages

The web pages area of the site is primarily used for accessing the page content for editing. The secondary menu will allow you to search and select the correct page. 


Images allow you to manage all images used across you site such as within content modules. Here you can search for images, delete them or upload new images. 


Documents are non image files but are managed in the same way as content within modules. Here you can upload files such as PDFs, word documents or short videos. 

Publish Site

Publish site allows you to publish the entire site to either staging or live. 

Publish Files

Publish files is a faster way to publish changes to images or documents instead of building the pages themselves. 

Site Settings

Site settings allows you to manage a number of elements of your site such as; site wide scripts, URL redirects, email templates and view a history of edits. 

Tip: The main menu can be collapsed using the drawing pin icon which will only show the menu icons. 
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Secondary menus can also be collapsed completely by clicking the close icon. Both of these options will give more room to view the main area of the page on smaller screens. 
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