When you create a new blog, you’ll notice there is a field titled Post Date. Here you can select the date for when you would like the blog to appear on the site.

 For example, you may upload your blog in Apteve on 10th March and publish to live but select the post date as 12th March. Even though you have published the blog to live, your blog post won’t appear on the live site until the post date, in this case 12th March.


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If you would like your blog post to be published at a specific time, you would have to do this manually at the time you want the blog to appear.

 Note: Apteve doesn’t allow you to select a specific time for your blog to appear on the live site. This means as soon as the clock strikes midnight on the post date, your blog post will be visible on your live site. This may be a feature we could implement for the future- watch this space!