The first thing to check is that you have completed the publish correctly. If you are sure you have published correctly, but are still unable to see your changes, it is most likely because you are viewing a cached version of your website.

When you first visit a website your browser temporarily saves a copy, so it loads faster next time. Larger changes, such as new pages, are recognised by the browser and a new version will be loaded & stored. But smaller changes, you may not see immediately because you’re viewing the cached version.

You can override this and clear the cache in your browser to force the new version to load. This is also known as a hard refresh and on most browsers the shortcut is CTRL+F5  or  CTRL+SHIFT+R.

This won’t affect other users, but each operating system & browser has a different cache expiry, so the stored version won’t last forever.

If you have tried clearing your cache and you are still unable to see your changes, please email and one of our team can look into it for you.